Category: Internet Security

  • Coffeezilla Publishes A Brutal Take Down Of SafeMoon Cryptocurrency

    Coffeezilla claims to have uncovered the addresses of wallets belonging to SAFEMOON’s founder Kyle Nagy, and CEO John Karony. And alleges that Nagy siphoned SAFEMOON tokens from the liquidity pool, while Karony, intercepted tokens before they could reach the pool. All this despite SAFEMOON’s claims of a Locked liquidity pool. For context, a liquidity pool […]

  • The Old Is New Again, QR Codes, Netflix, And Vimeo

    The old is new again, or so it feels. Today I learned that Netflix is testing real-time programming in France. To be clear the streaming company isn’t getting into live programming, they are testing a linear experience that sounds just like a broadcast or cable channel that plays the same prerecorded content to everyone at […]

  • Chinese Firms Selling AI Surveillance To African Nations

    AI tech is rapidly taking off worldwide being implemented from voice recognition to fake videos to road traffic monitoring. It is also increasingly used to monitor and track citizens, according to a new report. At least 75 of the 176 countries surveyed globally are now using AI for surveillance purposes. This from the Carnegie Endowment […]

  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Buying Cracking Tech

    According to a federal filing Immigration and Customs will pay Cellebrite between $30 and $35 million for technolagy to hack cell phones. In 2016 Cellebrite became widely known by offering to hack the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter. The $35 million is for “universal forensic extraction devices (UFED)” and “accessories licenses, training and support services.” […]

  • Memos Show the U.S. Government Has Been Lying About Backpage All Along

    For almost a decade, backpacks has been booed by politicians, criticized by legislators, and dramatically misunderstood by the media, with negative stereotypes reinforced by Hollywood. In early 2010, the top prosecutors in 21 states argued that classified advertising site was “exploiting women and children.”  The Department of Justice closed in 2018, but it still activates anger […]

  • Malicious sites used To Hack iPhones For Years, Says Google

    Security researchers at Google say they’ve found a number of malicious websites which, when visited, could quietly hack into a victim’s iPhone by exploiting a set of previously undisclosed software flaws. The researchers found five separate operating networks involving 12 separate security vulnerabilities, including seven mixed safari, internet browser and the built-in iPhone. The five […]

  • How to Protect Against Robocalls

    Every day most consumers answer a call, get a long pause, then hear a recording promising them something they don’t need or warning them about a problem they don’t have. These are robocalls and they are a nuisance to almost anyone with a phone. YouMail, a company that produces call blocking software, released a report […]