Coffeezilla Publishes A Brutal Take Down Of SafeMoon Cryptocurrency

Coffeezilla claims to have uncovered the addresses of wallets belonging to SAFEMOON’s founder Kyle Nagy, and CEO John Karony. And alleges that Nagy siphoned SAFEMOON tokens from the liquidity pool, while Karony, intercepted tokens before they could reach the pool. All this despite SAFEMOON’s claims of a Locked liquidity pool.

For context, a liquidity pool is a crowdsourced pool of cryptocurrencies locked in a smart contract. They use token pairings to facilitate trades on a decentralized exchange. Locked liquidity pools mean the project owners/developers cannot access the funds in the pool, and pull the rug out from under cryptocurrency users.

However, Coffeezilla alleges that “Bee Token”, the project from which SAFEMOON forked its initial code, was a rug pull. And that SAFEMOON the code has any safety features to prevent a rug.

The full video can be watched here.

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