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  • You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know

    You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know

    The excerpt is form an article first published at on October 25, 2022. The job listing I saw was for a CMO of a growing beauty brand. The job listing gave me pause, and not in a good way. The first major eyebrow raising line is, “you will be asked to complete PROCTORED assessments in the […]

  • Create A Marketing Plan [Video]

    Create A Marketing Plan [Video]

    Budgets inventory the resources available to reach a goal. Goals on the other hand give a place to aim. To quote Zig Ziglar, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Goals dictate actions, and actions dictate outcomes. Consider how you would train if you wanted to run a marathon versus if […]

  • Entrepreneurship Addiction Can Go Wrong

    Entrepreneurship Addiction Can Go Wrong

    Anecdotally some have drawn parallels between entrepreneurs and those with substance use disorders for a very long time. Entrepreneurial Addiction led to a blog post and video written to the ghost of one man’s friend. That article and video compared Entrepreneurial addiction to drug addiction. The comparison may be supported by research. In a paper titled “Habitual […]

  • Unique Retreat Ideas For Companies

    As the world is coming back online, and people are resuming normal work, even those managing remote teams are looking for ways to get everyone together. Here the folks over at Help Scout created a great list of unique retreat ideas. If with Covid-19 somewhat in the rear view mirror you’re looking to plan out […]

  • Contract breaches, corporate malfeasance and NDA’s

    Contract breaches, corporate malfeasance and NDA’s

    Startup culture is strange, full of many litigious assholes who send out NDA’s to ask for your help. The problem is contracts are only as strong as the ability to enforce them. One ad agency founder wrote about his experience with a startup Called Spring Free EV founded by a VC named Sunil Paul.  The startup negotiated […]

  • Best Virtual Team Building Companies

    Best Virtual Team Building Companies

    Moniker Partners Moniker Partners started as a company that planned corporate retreats and, like other corporate retreat planners, shifted towards virtual events at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company offers a variety of the best virtual escape rooms, that can accommodate large teams. teambuilding teambuilding is known for team building events for virtual, hybrid and in-person […]

  • Keep work parties virtual this year.

    Keep work parties virtual this year.

    The holidays are upon us, and for those who work in offices, we have the possibility of holiday parties. Work parties are frequently considered a significant piece of office culture. Bosses can regularly feel they must host gatherings for their workers from time to time, trying to show appreciation and urge coworkers to get to […]

  • Zoom wins the decade so far.

    Zoom wins the decade so far.

    We are now two years into the 2020s and the only clear winner is Zoom. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has crushing it, even if things are slowing down a bit. The company’s utility isn’t going to fade completely. Companies who planed cooperate retreats made a hard pivot to events and activities on Zoom. And while Zoom […]