Keep work parties virtual this year.

The holidays are upon us, and for those who work in offices, we have the possibility of holiday parties. Work parties are frequently considered a significant piece of office culture. Bosses can regularly feel they must host gatherings for their workers from time to time, trying to show appreciation and urge coworkers to get to know one another.

Parties can be somewhat polarizing among both workers and management. Some folks love them, and others hate spending more time with the folks they see 9 to 5 already. Parties likely have some importance for teambuilding. But with covid19 still a concern, perhaps it’s best to use virtual team building.

Virtual colleagues let employees mix. But these gatherings maintain distant keeping everyone safe, and perhaps making the more introverted at the office feel comfortable particularly as new covid19 variants are kicking up.

Header: “Ikon Gallery – during my works party – party main room” by ell brown is marked with CC BY 2.0.