7 YouTube Stats & Fun Facts

Since 2005 YouTube has been an incredibly popular video streaming service. Even with competition from the likes of Facebook, and TikTok, the platform is unquestionably one of the top social networks.

YouTube Was Founded In February 2005

Three former PayPal employees, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, registered the company in February 2005 and officially launched YouTube in December.

The First Video Uploaded To YouTube In 2005 Was Titled “Me at the zoo”

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded “Me at the zoo” as the first video ever published to YouTube.

Google Acquired YouTube For $1.65 Billion

On October 6th, 2005, Google acquired YouTube in a $1.65bn all share deal. Google’s acquisition of YouTube took place after only the 18-month-old in the existence of the video-sharing website making it one of the biggest and fastest internet success stories ever, according to The Guardian.

Over 95,000 YouTube Videos Are Viewed Per Second

According to Live Internet Live Stats more than 95,000 YouTube videos are being watched during any given second of time.

YouTube Is Available In 80 Languages

YouTube’s worldwide popularity is facilitated in part by language accessibility. Despite the fact that English is the most popular language on YouTube the video-sharing network is accessible in 80 languages. Besides English, Spanish, Hindi, and Portuguese are among the most popular options.

The Longest Video Uploaded To YouTube Was 596.5 Hours

The longest YouTube video of all time was uploaded by Jonathan Harchick, but is no longer playable on YouTube, The longest video on YouTube in 2022 is likely one uploaded by user Reazon Zean.

In 2020 Algorithms Accounted For 70% Of YouTube Views.

YouTube recommends over 200 million different videos to its users. These suggested videos in 2020 account for 70% of all viewership, beating out both subscriptions and search.

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