8 Best YouTube Channel Management Agencies (updated)

Web video has changed the online marketing game over the last few years, but under no uncertain terms, even with players like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook & Vimeo along with swarms of smaller platforms, YouTube rains King. Not all brands do well on YouTube, or even with online video. Today We’re listing the companies helping brands with web video. They are in no particular order because the services are not always built for a head-to-head comparison.

Derral Eves

Derral Eves is pretty famous in the YouTube world. He runs VidSummit, a top industry conference, was one of the first people to be YouTube Certified in Audience Growth back in 2013 and has his own channel talking about YouTube news and marketing with over half a million subscribers.

Push ROI

Push ROI was easy to find on many lists of top YouTube services. They are a top YouTube Channel Management agency and some of the founders are quoted in articles as YouTube experts, and worked with at least two other companies on our list.

Hey! (Now VidiUp)

Hey! Now VidiUp is a Video Strategy company with a huge amount of content on the site. The founder Dane Golden has been a known industry badass for a long time. Golden was at one time the president of Twit.tv the major tech podcast network and has also worked for New York Times. It’s not just YouTube Hey! are Instagram and Facebook experts as well.

Video Creators

Video Creators offers YouTube training and consulting. The founder Tim Schmoyer has been in the game since ’06. As is par for the course on this list he is YouTube Certified in Audience Growth and is widely held up as an expert. While not an agency for many Video Creators may be the place to get the advice to start in online video marketing.

VidPow (shut down)

Meet VidPow at one time VidPow was well known as a YouTube service agency, but they are now building out one of the top marketing conferences for video creators, channel managers and advertisers. They even list some of the top agencies in the game today on their CrunchBase.


Touchstorm has worked with some impressive brands largely due to technology. In 2012 they made a name for themselves building their own property Howdini. The technology backed media company with agency war paint hasn’t uploaded to the Howdini YouTube channel in over five years, but they still have over 600k subscribers and, the founders of both Push ROI and VidPow once worked for the agency.

Little Monster Media

Little Monster Media Co. is an agency helping build YouTube audiences. They are well known with a founder who is YouTube Certified. Matt Gielen the founder was previously the guy who built up Frederator Networks to pulling in 6 billion annual video views.

Harmon Brother

Harmon Brothers are the creators of the Viral Squatty Potty Ad. Their 2015 ad for Squatty Potty was called “the greatest viral ad in Internet history” by Boing Boing. Celebrated for their viral video campaigns, the Harmon Brothers know how to get eyeballs on ads.

Header: “old tv stuff” by Gustavo Devito is marked with CC BY 2.0.


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