ChatGPT Is A Spam Creation Tool

“AI is going to give super powers to Blackhat SEO, breaking online search as we know it. RIP magic box at the top of the browser where we all reflexively type “how to [blank]”, “[blank] near me”, “best [blank] Reddit”, and anything else we seek a semi-reliable answer to at any given moment. Online search results are about to get flooded with Astroturf and spam content at a level never before possible.” Opens the article by Mason Pelt arguing that AI will destroy online search.

The article discusses how AI-powered tools and software are going to enable blackhat SEO tactics to manipulate search results, leading to the flooding of the internet with spam content.

  • Pelt states that the sheer volume of content and its low quality have already contributed to the decline in Google search quality.
  • AI-powered tools like Typeface, which can generate volumes of content that looks unique but is often plagiarized and inaccurate, will make the situation worse.
  • The article discusses two blackhat SEO tactics: Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and Click-Through Rate (CTR) manipulation.
  • PBNs are networks of websites built to link to other websites to help them rank in search engines, while CTR manipulation is a tactic using bots or real humans to coordinate clicks on a search engine results page to influence a website’s ranking for a given term.
  • Pelt warns that the use of AI for marketing material is going to make it impossible to meet client expectations of SEO without crossing the line from optimization and strategy to blatantly deceptive manipulation.

Those bullet points were written by ChatGPT for the record. Even The Verge is down for the joke that is the new learned language model era of SEO. The article Best printer 2023: just buy this Brother laser printer everyone has, it’s fine included a section written by ChatGPT, as a joke, kina.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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